Doron Tikotzky Kantor Gutman Cederboum has a core of lawyers, economists and accountants, some from tax authorities, from the Department of Income Tax investigations, VAT inquiries, Customs and other investigations.

The team of attorneys collective knowledge and specific experience from representing hundreds of clients, business people,  and private individuals who have been suspected of various tax offenses by the Tax Authorities.

Goal of the White Collar Tax Crime department is to solve issues for our client customer as quickly as possible the moment the problem arises, with uncompromising professionalism and minimal damage – should there be criminal implications.

The Department’s criminal tax team works 24/7, all over the country for the benefit of the customer and his family, each step along the way.

General Advice for Clients Concerned About Exposure to Criminal Proceedings before the Authorities  Arrive at their Door

A client who is fearful of a criminal investigation or criminal exposure, receives appropriate legal advice that helps neutralize exposure to criminal charges, through a variety of unique judicial tools.

The correct action for maintaining the interest of a client under apprehension, is to determine the sum of the special details of each case.

It is crucial to obtain legal advice immediately, to prevent awakening a criminal problem. Early intervention by Doron-Tikotzky can often completely neutralize exposure, either through voluntary disclosure or by other legal means, consistent with the interest of the client.

Detention and Counseling to Detainees

Tax Authority, income tax and VAT investigations, etc. tend, at some point of the investigation, to surprise the suspect at his home. Documents, computers, cell phones, etc. may be seized. The suspect may face immediate arrest, disconnecting him from his environment, relatives, associates, etc. all aimed at neutralizing possibility of obstruction of justice and putting pressure on the detainee. This is done in an attempt for the Authorities to uncover evidence to aid prosecution. It also enables the legal bureaus of the Department to submit a specific inquiry against the individual while under arrest to indict him and charge for the offenses attributed to him.

This is an aggressive, traumatic, and critical situation, requiring binding legal guidance that protects the detainee and prevents irreversible damage. The law requires the investigating body to allow the detainee contact with an attorney to receive immediate legal advice.

At this stage the Tax investigator surprises the client at his home or elsewhere, introducing herself, and arrests him. The undercover investigation has becomes visible. At this time they can call an attorney on his behalf in order to obtain legal advice immediately.

Doron Tikotzky Kantor Gutman Cederboum’s skilled legal staff quickly arrives at the investigations office to meet with the detainee, immediately learns from investigators and from the detainee details of what is going on. The detainee is given correct legal guidelines aimed at preventing further damage.

In this case the State may bring a client before a judge to extend the detention.
The Doron-Tikotzky team will appear before the judge in the name of the detainee, in order to bring about the rapid release if at all possible.

Legal Support Following the Arrest Phase and an Attempt to prevent Indictment

The detention step is designed to allow the Department of Justice Department investigators to collect evidence and testimonies, while neutralizing the possibility of obstruction of justice.

Sum of evidence helps the legal arm of the Tax Authorities or prosecution to decide whether or not to file charges.

This is a crucial legal step, during which Doron-Tikotzky lawyers are able to conducted the case in front of State attorneys in an attempt to bring them to an understanding that there is no justification to file charges or open criminal proceedings. They aim to persuade the investigative bodies that are less aggressive ways to extract information from the suspect, by way of an administrative penalty, by way of ransom, or other means, depending on the case, including facts gathered by the Authority, facts that the Doron-Tikotzky team can present to State the name of the suspect.

Managing a Hearing in Order to Eliminate Indictment

State law provides that prior to being indicted for criminal offenses the suspect has the right to make claims in writing and orally, to present evidence, related to the core evidence collected by the State against him. He is allowed to present evidence of personal circumstances – health status and more – all with the aim of convincing the State that the circumstances in this case do not justify an indictment, even if there are no grounds – so do not respect the clauses charges but other materials, technical or lighter.

Management Criminal Justice

Doron Tikotzky Kantor Gutman Cederboum has decades of experience in representing defendants against criminal indictment, attributed to the implementation of tax offenses, offenses according to Money Laundering Law and/or other financial crimes.

Staff attorneys, are composed of veterans of the Tax Authorities, accountants and economists, who know how to defend clients in innovative and very creative ways with the aid of both legal, economic, and accrued accounting office.

The team is totally involved, while analyzing the legal, economic angles of the case, accurately assessing the true factual situation, the quality worthy of a chance of prosecution to prove their claims, exposure, and other considerations.

Based on these Doron Tikotzky Kantor Gutman Cederboum builds a formidable legal strategy, one that is consistent only with our client’s interests in favor of ending the affair in the best way.

Once a client is absorbed into our office, their problem becomes our problem and accordingly – became the law allows for the benefit of neutralizing and/or reducing exposure, a high level of customer loyalty is maintained with and real devotion, bordering a feeling of “family.”

Call now. Do not wait. Our office staff is waiting for you.

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