Transactions play an important role in a wide range of legal services for clients that cover any opportunity or plight in their business or personal life.

In addition to legal qualifications and degrees in economics, accountancy, and business administration, several members of the Doron-Tikotzky team are qualified to practice law in foreign jurisdictions such as the US, England, Wales, and Romania. They bring a local point of view with an international perspective.

Today’s business reality requires that each transaction be scrutinized from several angles. In addition to legal and taxation aspects, Doron-Tikotzky also looks at commercial intent. On the surface a transaction may appear straightforward, however, tax, commercial, and legal issues must be carefully watched.

Drafting an agreement correctly and more importantly, accurately, is key to a successful transaction, and must include a short and long term vision, while taking into account all pros and cons to best serve the client.

A major part of the work revolves around Transactions, inter alia, major commercial and residential projects, infrastructure projects, communication enterprises, and more.

We offer clients full legal services regarding commercial Transactions of all kinds, including:

  • Partnership agreements
  • Founders agreements
  • Services agreements
  • Agency and distributions agreements
  • Sale and purchase agreements
  • Merger and acquisition agreements
    and more…

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