Torts Law

Doron Tikotzky Kantor Gutman Cederboum specializes in Torts Law, conducting a vast range of lawsuits in court houses nationwide, and collaborates with many senior physicians and insurance experts.

Torts Law deals in legal situations related to conditions in which a person is subjected to corporeal or property Torts, and claims compensation for such an injurious party.

  • Insurance claims
  • Property damage Torts
  • Road accidents
  • Work-related accidents
  • National Insurance Institute and Social security claims
  • Medical negligence
  • Claims against the Ministry of Defense (MOD)

Legal experts are required to understand two main topics:

  1. If the cause of the Tort is indeed cast on the injurious party
  2. What is the extent of compensation caused reflecting the Tort.

The topic may appear to be simple, notwithstanding that in practice, the appraisal of compensation and proof of liability as to the damage, is a complex issue, effected by laws, various rulings and legal precedents, and requires the exercise of an expert in the Torts Law, with a proven and impressive record of success in the field. Doron-Tikotzky employs a line of experts with an impressive resumes in the field, and places them and their legal skills at the disposal of our clients.

Torts Law – How can Liability to a Tort be Proven?

There are several levels of liability for damages caused by the injurious party.

This scale starts with the easiest occurrence in which the apparent injurious part had no liability for his acts and until the most severe level, when the harm is caused by neglect or intended wrong.

In order to appreciate the extent of the compensation to be paid to such a person damaged beyond the direct damage, characterizing such a case, the legal team must attempt to prove also the existence of secondary, indirect damages, that occurred due to the Torts event.

Torts Law – Compensations

If a person is found guilty of an offence according to Torts Law, he shall usually be required to pay a monetary compensation, as per the assessment of the damage as determined, except in cases when the legislator has determined compensation by way of punishment.

Wrongs damages should in principle be returned to the injured party conditioned, as much as possible, to the original situation before the injury. Damages, beyond the direct injured party’s wrongs, shall reflect as stated the additional damages that may come in various forms, such as loss of work days, or refund of medical expenses, etc.

Doron Tikotzky Kantor Gutman Cederboum has handled hundreds Torts cases with successful outcomes for our clients. The Firm does not compromise in the quality of representation while fighting to preserve a client’s rights, aimed at the grant of suitable damages for any damage caused to the injured party. 

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