Tax Consultancy

The team of tax experts at Doron Tikotzky Kantor Gutman Cederboum offers clients all-encompassing Tax related solutions. These include closely working with various tax authorities, to achieve a client’s legitimate right to effective and legal tax planning.

Israeli Tax Law acknowledges the right of a tax assessee to plan his business, while restricting and minimizing tax costs as permissible within the framework of the Law.

  • Tax planning both locally in Israel and internationally
  • Tax advice on tax implications in complex transactions
  • Legal representation in courts at all instances: civil, criminal and penal cases, including appeals
  • Legitimate Tax Planning

Preventing Inadvertent Tax Transgression

In order to plan your taxes in strict accordance with the Law, you need the assistance of qualified and experienced taxation experts. Such consultancy ensures that you remain within the scope and stipulation of the Law, while paying optimal taxes.

It is vital that you avoid the risk of crossing that thin, sometimes unseen to the untrained eye, border between legitimate tax planning and illegal tax manipulation, which are not the same thing.

Doron Tikotzky Kantor Gutman Cederboum upholds and acts according to the spirit of the ruling by then former President of the Israeli Supreme Court , Meir Shamgar, who ruled that:

The fact that parties have chosen the low tax legal structure, does not indicate that the structure is “artificial” or “made up.” The right and obligation of experts in tax issues, are to plan legal transactions so that these will not be “tax intensive.”

Taxation Methods

There are two main taxation methods that are rife:

  • Territorial Tax Method: This tax method is based on the geographical principle determining that all income created in the territory of a sovereign territory of a certain state is taxable, unconditional of the residence or nationality of the producer of the income.
  • Personal Tax Method: This tax method ignores the geographical aspects of the income source and calculates tax on the basis of the income producer’s residence, even if the origin of the income originates outside the sovereign borders of the country in which it was produced.

These taxation methods may collide from time to time, as the citizen of a certain country living abroad, might be required to pay double tax, both in the mother country, as well as in the country of residence.

In order to solve this predicament there are various solutions, including the use of international conventions for the prevention of double taxation.

Tax Laws in Israel

The judicial rule in Israel in the field of tax law determines that in order to prevent double taxation, the sum of the tax paid abroad will be deducted from tax obligation the assessee is due to pay locally.

The taxation method in Israel is basically the Personal Tax method and replaced the territorial method further to the development of international economics and the exertion of economic trends such as globalization. This method determines that all income originating by an Israeli resident , no matter where it was produced, is taxable in Israel subject to the implementation of double taxation treaties.

Tax Consultancy

Tax legislation is a complicated and complex issue, containing countless laws, ordinances and directives. Within this entire tortuous imbroglio, businesses, large and small, need professional, accurate and available tax consultancy services.

Doron Tikotzky Kantor Gutman Cederboum exists for the exact purpose of helping assessees become familiar with this confusing legal space.

A dynamic team of taxation experts who are trusted by tax authorities, is experienced in greatly reducing tax costs. They work within the law at all times, while assisting clients to fulfill their civil obligation of paying tax, at minimal cost.

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