Real Estate Law

Doron Tikotzky Kantor Gutman Cederboum specializes in all aspects related to the Real Estate Law.

The Firm ascertains that its clients will obtain the most benefits, commercial and tax advantages from the Real Estate in their possession, or from properties in which they have an interest.

The Firm deals, inter alia, with:

  • Development of profit yielding commercial Real Estate.
  • Complex combination transactions, including large volume residential building sites, and commercial spaces.
  • Matters related to public buildings, infrastructures, etc.
  • Sale and Purchase transactions, from simple to complex ones. Handling of improvement and development of Real Estate yield (planning leasing to renters, and ongoing handling of profitable assets).
  • Building transactions.
  • Planning and building processes.
  • Consolidation and division of land.
  • Redevelopment and re-accommodation residencies under special government schemes.

Real Estate Law in Israel is based on the Real Estate Statute of 1969, and in fact refers to legal aspects of ownership of lands and all types of property attached to the ground, be it permanent or temporary.

Real Estate Law is in fact, used to regulate the issuance of Rights of Use and Ownership of Real Estate. The rights on Real Estate are mostly regulated by actions such as lease, sale and purchase, and simple possession.

Sale of Real Estate

Sale of Real Estate or properties is mostly executed by a continuous process, by which the buyer receives ownership of the asset, after a caveat is recorded on the property at the Lands Registrar, the purpose of the caveat is to prevent contradictory transactions.

Lease of Real Estate

Lease of Real Estate is a widespread technique, transferring the use of the Real Estate to a person who is not the original owner of the asset, for a restricted and defined period of time, by way of a renting contract.

Real Estate Law in Israel also recognizes other realizations of the Real Estate as for example, the Tenant Protection Law, embodying a situation that was rife at the early years of the State.

The Tenant Protection Law grants possession in perpetuity on an asset, in consideration of a low rent, although there is no full transfer of Title Flaw on the Real Estate.

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