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According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, about 7% of Israelis live abroad, most of them in the US and Canada. This seems a large number, until one understands that statistics define an expatriate as a person living overseas for at least one year. It is common for Israelis to spend time abroad to broaden their horizons through education or financial endeavors. Most when asked where they see themselves in 5-10 years, most will say they expect to be living in Israel. Some do settle in other countries, but a surprising number return.

Did you Leave Israel Under Financial Duress?

Life can take surprising and tragic turns. This has led some Israelis, who saw no other way out of their financial troubles, to pack up and leave in a hurry. Living abroad, the world is open to them, however, fear of legal and financial consequences has effectively locked them out of their homeland.

Dreams of carefree time with family and friends, the fragrances of childhood, wandering familiar streets, and comforting aging parents, can never be. This, the ultimate price of losing one’s way financially, and leaves a person hurt and hopeless, even if life abroad is comfortable enough.

  • Do you have financial loose ends in Israel that you believe cannot be resolved?
  • Is your past keeping you from friends and family?
  • Would you love to come home and see your children grow up in Israel with their cousins?

Your Financial Issues Can be Quickly Sorted Out

There a many reasons why people decide to remove themselves from all that is near and dear to them. Poor business judgement, or being framed by someone, are just two reasons. The fact is, that a good citizen can become so overwhelmed that no options seem available, and they choose to leave.

Several years into the self-imposed “exile” a deep sadness sets in, because in certain cases, they don’t even dare to visit Israel, in case a creditor has filed for their arrest at the border, or some other legal sanction, that could prevent them from exiting the country.

If you recognize yourself in these words, understand there is a solution.

Doron Tikozky Kantor Gutman Cederboum deals with exactly these cases. Adv. Yair Messalem heads this department and takes a debtor and all he owes to creditors in Israel, and sets him free.

For example, an Israeli living abroad with claims against him running into millions of shekels, can have all his debts sorted out and his creditors appeased, where each receives a small percentage of the outstanding debt.

Within a short time and at minimal cost, Doron Tikozky Kantor Gutman Cederboum is able to resolve the issues, within a framework of the Client’s ability to pay. He can then return to Israel and turn over a new leaf, together with his family, and live normally.

Don’t Delay Another Day!

The Team at Doron Tikozky Kantor Gutman Cederboum is waiting for you. Don’t keep yourself stuck in fear, far from home.

Act now!

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