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Doron-Tikotzky – a dynamic and business-oriented Legal and Accounting Firm, is the ultimate support station for anyone interested in interfacing with Israel or with other countries, for business or personal dealings and transactions.

With offices throughout Israel, Doron-Tikotzky has been positioning its services also internationally, currently with Branch Offices in Romania and Cyprus, and there are plans to expand to additional foreign locations.

The Firm’s Romania, Cyprus, Luxembourg, and Ethiopia Branch Offices and the China Desk are spearheading a dynamic thrust into the global market place. Doron-Tikotzky expects exponential increase in reach and activity from this strategic positioning.

  • The Romania Branch Office specializes in providing solutions for Israelis and Israeli corporations with financial and other interests in Romania.
  • The Cyprus Branch Office specializes in founding corporations in Cyprus, as well as additional fields of practice.
  • The China Desk is administered by Adv. Avi Levy, an attorney with thirty years of commercial experience in China, who is fluent in Chinese.
  • The Ethiopia Branch Office is headed by Adv. Gili Yasu,  an attorney who, over the past twelve years, has served as Senior Partner and one of the Founders of the Yasu Peri Law Firm and was one of the first two members of the Ethiopian community in Israel to be licensed to practice law. He specializes in Civil and Commercial Law, and for the past several years has formed business connections with various organizations in Ethiopia.
  • Luxembourg Branch Office
  • The International Desk, headed by Adv. Yaron Tikotzky, provides services related to the US, and other countries, with full transparency. It also servesInternational Companies wanting to invest, or establish R&D Centers in Israel.

In addition to a broad range of global business support activities, the Doron-Tikotzky international platform is a bridge geared to assisting Israelis abroad, or anyone who needs to interact with Israeli Taxation Authorities and other official entities. The Firm is increasingly involved in providing innovative solutions for clients in Israel and globally.

Currently Doron-Tikotzky provides a Voluntary Disclosure service that dovetails with the Israeli Government’s new Anonymous Voluntary Disclosure regulations.

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