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International Desk

Doron Tikotzky Kantor Gutman Cederboum is a leading business-oriented International Legal Firm, offering solutions related to doing business with Israel and outside it, supporting companies from all countries seeking to enter growing markets globally.

The International Desk, headed by Adv. Yaron Tikotzky, Co-Founder of Doron Tikotzky Kantor Gutman Cederboum, provides services related to the US, and other countries, with full transparency internationally.

In addition to legal qualifications and degrees in economics, accountancy, and business administration, several members of the Doron Tikotzky Kantor Gutman Cederboum team are qualified to practice law in foreign jurisdictions such as the US, England & Wales, Romania, Ethiopia, and Cyprus. This brings a local perspective, combined with a wide international and professional outlook.

Doron Tikotzky Kantor Gutman Cederboum has offices throughout Israel and is positioning its services abroad, with offices currently in Romania, Ethiopia, and Cyprus, with plans for further expansion to other locations including Germany.

Desk German Speaking Countries, Desk French Speakers, China Desk, and International Desk are spearheading a dynamic thrust into the global market place. Doron Tikotzky Kantor Gutman Cederboum expects exponential increase in reach and activity from this strategic positioning.

The Doron Tikotzky Kantor Gutman Cederboum international platform allows it to serve as a bridge geared to assisting:

The Firm is increasingly involved in providing innovative smart solutions for clients both in Israel and globally.

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