Intellectual Property

Intellectual property (IP) is a generic name for related rights of non-tangible or non-corporeal objects, that are a product of a man’s intellect. Legal arrangements starting with common law courts rulings, continued with anchoring laws, determine the ownership object in each of the IP branches, the terms of their protection, the extent of the rights, exceptions, different remedies, enforcement and procedural matters.

In Israeli Law IP assets are divided in two:

  • Registered rights
  • Unregistered rights

The registered rights are:

  • Patent – the invention of a product or a process that is new, beneficial and can be used in the industry, that has advancement – and is registered at the registrar of patents. The patent expresses some kind of transaction between the public and the inventor. The inventor reveals his work in return for protection against any exploitation of his invention, for 20 years. Patent laws give the strongest protection.
  • Copyright – copyright laws are laws that protect original works (literary, musical, artistic and dramatic). This laws protect the expression of a particular idea rather than the idea itself. The court fills content in terms like – “expression” and “idea” through interpretation.
  • A registered design – painting, decoration, ornament, etc. related to a particular product. The registration of the design protects only the esthetic form of the product, it will not protect in functional components.
  • Trade mark – a mark used or intended to be used for marking of services/goods/ products (color, numbers, letters, paintings, identifying mark of a product/ brand that differentiates it from others. The protection given the registered trademark is actually protection on the reputation required by that product manufacturer.

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Doron Tikotzky Kantor Gutman Cederboum are experienced in managing all aspects of Intellectual Property issues, a trending legal subject worldwide. We will be happy to assist you when needed. 

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