Insurance Law has numerous aspects requiring specific expertise found at Doron-Tikotzky.

Life in the 21st century exposes us to many everyday risks. The need for insurance arose from the need for human beings to fend themselves in time of need.

Insurance is basically an economical and legal way to distribute the numerous risks an individual is likely to encounter and by that to reduce the risk to the individual.

Insurance can be held under law or contract, the insurer may be a private insurance company, a governmental agency or even the State itself. In an insurance agreement the insured pays a premium to the insurer, in return for the insurer’s commitment to supply benefits when the insurance event occurs.

Insurance Law regulates the way in which the insurance is executed, and it includes a wide range of sub domains, such as:

  • Motor Vehicle Insurance – in Israel there are two main types of car insurance.
    • Compulsory Insurance – Covers injuries or death of the driver, passengers, and/or pedestrians outside the vehicle in an event of a motor vehicle accident. According to the Motor Vehicle Insurance Ordinance, driving without the compulsory insurance is illegal. (2)
    • Comprehensive Insurance – covers property damage caused in an accident, which can be caused by a human being or natural disaster. It even covers damages caused to third party (a vehicle/a person).
  • Health Insurance – Compensates a person in case of a medical event, giving the person an amount of money necessary to cope with his incapacity to work and/or as indemnification for costly medical procedure.
  • Life Insurance – Compensation is paid to the family of the policyholder or to another beneficiary on his death, or when he reaches a certain age (when taking a mortgage, the bank requires life insurance).
  • Pension Insurance – There are 3 main options: Provident Fund, Manager’s Insurance, and Pension Fund, which is long-tern planning for retirement. In each of the 3 options the employer and the employee, both forward different percentages from the employee’s salary towards the fund, where it is saved in order to be available to the person only after retirement.

Experts in the insurance field at Doron-Tikotzky, provide professional, skilled, unique, special, and rapid answers to every question and situation. They advise and ensure the preservation of your rights and interests, and when necessary, conduct the proceedings in the relevant courts, in a professional and swift manner, in order to achieve the best result possible for you.

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