Doron Tikotzky Kantor Gutman Cederboum handles a large variety of Trade and Civil files, including Daily Consultancy, accompaniment in large transactions and claims. Our clients benefit from the Firm’s many years of experience in the complex and complicated field of Execution.

The office employs experts in all areas:

  • Dismantling and receivership
  • Bankruptcy
  • Rehabilitation of companies
  • Defense vis-à-vis creditors
  • Freezing of proceedings and settlements with creditors.

The office teams have extensive experience in the legal and efficient collection of debts, and we operate a special unit dedicated to the collection of debts, by real time access to computer databases connected to enforcement and collection orders.

What is Execution?

The term Execution is a legal proceeding destined to realize rulings of courts. Execution proceedings mostly integrate the realization of debts unpaid by the debtors. Execution proceedings are widespread in cases such as nonpayment of mortgage, debts of firms to suppliers, realization of bounced checks, etc.

These proceedings may be quite complicated and are sometimes expressed by the attachment of properties, evacuation of tenants from their residence, etc. There may be cases when the execution proceedings are frozen in result, for example, of the pronouncement of the debtor’s bankruptcy.

Who are the Litigants in Execution proceedings?

Generally, two parties are involved in Execution proceedings:

  • One is defined by law as the winner.
  • The other is defined as the debtor.

Notwithstanding, there are often cases when a third party is involved, mainly due to the possession of the assets, or money deposited by one of the parties in the claim.

Implementation of Execution proceedings will often cover actions such as attachment of Real Estate and actually, any property attachable by law. Such properties will generally be put to sale with the aim of being returned from the debtor to the winning party as his capital or property.

In other cases, there may be a need for receivership, if for example the renting of an asset is more profitable than its sale. Such properties will be managed by lawyers on behalf of the winning party.

In extreme cases, when Execution authorities are unable to carry out their action, the court may also rule for the debtor’s imprisonment, or to grant a stay of exit orders, etc.

Because various parties are involved in Execution, lawyers are often faced with very convoluted, and at times, uncomfortable situations. Therefore, one must be conscious of how to initiate such topics professionally in order to facilitate the cutback of Torts to the parties, while settling such a problematic situation the best way possible.

Doron Tikotzky Kantor Gutman Cederboum has extensive experience in handling such cases, including special collection arrays and lawyers with concrete specialization in this legal field.

Execution proceedings are, as stated, most complex and legal staff interface with people during a very uneasy period in their lives. Consequently, these proceedings require insight and there can be not compromise in the professional handling during Execution.

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