During everyday activities, events occur and decisions are arrived that can have far reaching consequences that impact a citizen’s responsibilities and rights. Accordingly, conflicts may arise between a citizen and the Authorities or with other companies, who are in some way connected to such responsibilities and rights.

A citizen may find himself in a situation of uncertainty in relation to consequences of his decisions and/or the various events that occur in his life as a result of such problems.

For example, an action taken maybe interpreted by a citizen as not imposing any liability, however, according to a specific Authority it might be seen as resulting in a financial liability, which was neglected or overlooked in the past.

As if this were not enough, this person is likely to be required to pay civil action penalties, and even find himself accused of criminal activity, due to a failure to report and pay tax required by law.

How Can Doron Tikotzky Kantor Gutman Cederboum Help You?

The best solution for the risk described, is to obtain a Legal Opinions of professionals who are experts in the relevant field.
The Supreme Court case law has upheld that a citizen’s reliance in good faith on a professional opinion, can neutralize the criminal aspects of certain activity, based on the Legal Opinion received.

Doron Tikotzky Kantor Gutman Cederboum has about 50 Lawyers, Accountants, and Economists, who previously worked for the Tax Authorities. They specialize in a wide variety of legal areas, and are active in several countries. This dynamic team has over 20 years of rich experience in providing opinions in various legal areas.

It should be noted that an additional goal of receiving a Legal Opinion and presenting it to the relevant Authority at some point, is to convince that Authority about the citizen’s position. The more successfully argued, the better are the chances that the citizen will achieve the desired result. Even if the Authority does not agree with the professional Legal Opinion, the citizen will still be protected against criminal proceedings.

For the stated purpose, Doron Tikotzky Kantor Gutman Cederboum attorneys take care of backing up every client who has received a Legal Opinion, and will represent him before relevant Authorities or any other body related to the conflict addressed in the Legal Opinion.

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