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Doron Tikotzky Kantor Gutman Cederboum has two active International Branches, one in Romania and the other in Cyprus, both of which assist the Firm in Israel by providing international support to its clients.

Doron Tikotzky Kantor Gutman Cederboum established the Cyprus Branch Office aiming to provide Israeli clients who wish to extend their international activity, with a substantial and professional response. Cyprus enjoys the benefits of Double Taxation Avoidance Treaties vis-a-vis the US, EU, Russia, and others.

For many years previous to the decision to create a Cyprus Branch Office, the Doron Tikotzky Kantor Gutman Cederboum team of Attorneys, Legal Advisors, CPAs and Economists had been working in Taxation and International Transaction.

Cyprus enjoys low Company Tax Rates (12.5% in comparison to Israel) and is exempt from Tax on Dividend to foreigners and Capital Gains Tax. It is a well organized modern state operating according to current European standards.

Therefore, in addition to a number of other business considerations, many Israelis with activities outside Israel’s borders have discovered Cyprus. It offers appropriate response to their business needs, enabling Doron Tikotzky Kantor Gutman Cederboum to utilize this neighboring island’s tax advantages through legally transparency.

In Cyprus, Doron Tikotzky Kantor Gutman Cederboum operates, inter alia, for the formation of international platforms, trusts and international transactions, all fully transparent to Israeli Tax Authorities and other related jurisdictions, in accordance with laws and regulations of the relevant state. The Cyprus Branch Office operates closely with Local Law offices, accountants and economists.

The Doron Tikotzky Kantor Gutman Cederboum Cyprus Branch Office is located in the island’s capital, Nicosia, less than an hour’s flight from Israel. It offers clients a wide variety of legal and business related services, all aimed at leveraging clients’ commercial and tax related facets.

  • Establishing a company
  • Providing management and secretarial services
  • Trust and directorship services
  • Real estate
  • Other complex transactions
  • Local and international banking services

Cyprus Branch Office

The Doron Tikotzky Kantor Gutman Cederboum Cyprus Branch Office represents private and public companies, and other business persons who have found Cyprus to be a comfortable home base for their activity to advantageously coincide and consort with Israeli and International Law.

9 Zenonos Kitieos Street, 2406 Engomi
Tel: +40312263431

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