Doron Tikotzky Kantor Gutman Cederboum operates a special unit, with extensive experience in legal and efficient collection of debts, with real time access to computer databases connected to enforcement and collection orders.

The Firm represents businesses large and small as well as individuals, in cases where third parties owe them money and refuse to pay according to law or contract. Doron Tikotzky Kantor Gutman Cederboum creates a direct claim against such entities and employs smart judicial measures, including lifting the corporate veil, in accordance with current legislation and case law.

Doron Tikotzky Kantor Gutman Cederboum also represents portfolios for receivables execution, i.e. individuals and businesses who find themselves owing money to others, often due to cash flow stress or as a result of fraud. The Firm is highly experienced in assisting those who owe money, and utilizes a variety of efficient and speedy legal methods that allow such clients to continue to manage their businesses, even under such difficult circumstances.

For example, it is possible to take bankruptcy proceedings for individuals, and file various applications to the Execution Authorities, including combining files and payment requests, etc. Doron Tikotzky Kantor Gutman Cederboum also aggressively pursues arrangements with creditors, for the benefit of both individuals and companies.

Similarly, the Firm has years of experience in receiverships and liquidation management of small and large businesses, some of whom are market leaders in their field.

For example: stay of proceedings are designed to enable companies to recover from distress and allow them protection from creditors during the implementation of the recovery plan. In contrast, company liquidation proceedings are intended to bring about a company’s elimination altogether, with the optimum way to minimize financial losses of its employees and creditors.

Doron Tikotzky Kantor Gutman Cederboum’s attorneys, economists, and accountants provide full support throughout, the above processes by representing employees and shareholders of the company, seeking protection from its creditors, all in accordance with appointments by the court.

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