Striving for Modernity

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Ethiopia is developing at a breakneck speed, with an annual growth of above 10%. English is the university language, and each year, over 30 universities turn out above 15,000 engineers. Internationally, it is taking a pivotal role by coordinating the development of other African countries.

At home, Ethiopia has made huge investments in public housing. People who formerly lived in shacks are being moved into houses, and there are currently tens of thousands of apartments under construction. Ethiopia continues to invest billions of dollars in infrastructure, roads, etc.

The country is hungry for investments and investors, primarily because of its foreign exchange deficit. The Ethiopian government embraces foreign investments and involvement by utilizing every tool at its disposal, including legislation.

Twenty years ago, Ethiopia went from a state of war and destruction, and entered an era of stability, democracy, and motivation. Today, investors from all over the globe are pouring into Ethiopia’s warm embrace.

Striving for a place on the world stage, Ethiopia strives for modernity. The country is developing a considerable social layer of very wealthy citizens, which can drive the economy with their purchasing power.

Doron-Tikotzky decided to set up shop in this thriving hub that promises to come into its own over the next decades. By supporting Israelis and foreign companies at this stage the Firm expects to gain a serious foothold via its Ethiopia Branch Office.


Holiday resort outside the city

Modern office block

A office block

A commercial center

A commercial center



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A Need for Diverse Health Services

Need for quality healthcare

In Ethiopia healthcare is lacking and wealthy citizens seek medical diagnostics and treatment abroad. Private medicine is in high demand.



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