Ethiopia – A Business Heaven

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Ethiopia is heaven for business people, contractors, suppliers, and entrepreneurs.

Recognizing the value of its country’s virgin possibilities, and how Ethiopia can benefit from joint ventures, and development by foreign entities, the government provides unprecedented opportunities for growth and expansion.

It was decided to open a Doron-Tikotzky Ethiopia Branch Office in light Ethiopia’s enormous business potential, and the fact that business people from around the globe are represented on various levels.

For example:

  1. Establishing business enterprises in Ethiopia
  2. Trade between Ethiopia and Israel, and vise versa.

The skilled team of Israeli and Ethiopian attorneys and accountants at Doron-Tikotzky, promotes and supports these aims.

Doron-Tikotzky offers business people a complete package that includes:

  • Finding suitable business opportunities in a broad range of fields: Construction, Food, Agriculture, Minerals, Medicine, Human Services, and more.
  • Finding business partners for the benefit of promoting deals in Ethiopia, as well as exclusive representation for marketing, management, and more.
  • Setting up tax planning and establishing companies in and outside Ethiopia so that an investor nets maximum profits from business ventures.
  • Advice regarding tax exemptions on profits accumulated in Ethiopia based on local legislation that encourages according with the establishment of industrial plants.
  • Creating and editing agreements between the parties taking into account tax and trade considerations.
  • Connecting the client with the Ethiopian banking system, which includes over 30 flexible banks, that encourage advanced technology.
  • Assistance in obtaining all permits and licenses required for specific activities, in keeping with local regulations.
  • Assistance in finding staff including managers and workers within Ethiopia. Ethiopian wages are between $40-$200/month.
  • Providing ongoing legal support within Ethiopia, facing Government Authorities and all other agencies.
  • Providing legal opinions that avoid criminal exposure, and advance transparent management in keeping with the law.
  • Accompanying meetings with bank management, which is anxious for foreign investors.
Ethiopia Branch Office staff with the Chromagen representative, and the Manager of the Bank of Ethiopia, Mr. Shardnu

Ethiopia Branch Office staff and the Manager of the Bank of Ethiopia, Mr. Shardnu, who provides unprecedented banking flexibility and support.


Branch of a commercial bank

Branch of a commercial bank


Mineral Deposits & Mining in Ethiopia

Mining is important to the economy of Ethiopia as a diversification from agriculture. Currently, mining comprises only 1% of GDP.

Gold, gemstones (diamonds and sapphires), and industrial minerals are important commodities for the country’s export-orientated growth strategy. Tantalum mining has also been profitable.

It was reported that in the late 1980s, the mineral industry lacked importance given, and contributed less than 0.2 percent of Ethiopia’s GDP.

Mining for gold is a key development sector in the country. Gold export, which was just US$5 million in 2001, recorded a large increase to US$602 million in 2012.



The Ethiopian Government supplies land, workers, and low taxes.

Real Estate Entrepreneurship for Housing & Commerce

Unlimited investments on a grand scale of billions of dollars are made available, to help advance and support building large centers.

Companies from around the world are already active in Ethiopia, and so is Doron-Tikotzky in order to lend legal and accounting support to this boom.

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