Doron-Tikotzky Opens a Branch Office in Ethiopia

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Ethiopia Branch Office staff with the Chromagen representative, and the Manager of the Bank of Ethiopia, Mr. Shardnu

Adv. Asaf Hofman, Adv. Eli Doron, Adv. Gili Yasu, Chromagen’s representative, Adv. Binyam Eregeta, and the Manager of the Bank of Ethiopia, Mr. Shardnu, who provides unprecedented banking flexibility and support.


Announcing the opening of the Doron-Tikotzky Ethiopia Branch Office in addition to those currently in Romania and Cyprus, and others planned for Berlin and Uganda.

The Doron-Tikotzky Ethiopia Branch Office is responsible for supporting international business people. Services are not aimed only at Israelis but investors from all countries and companies trading on stock exchanges worldwide.

Adv. Gili Yasu, Attorney at Law heads the Ethiopia Branch Office. He is Ethiopian born, and possesses a great deal of experience in the fields of:

  • Business promotion
  • Forming business connections
  • Operating with Ethiopian authorities on Ethiopian soil
Adv. Eliezer Gil - Head of the Ethiopia Branch Office

Adv. Gili Yasu – Head of the Ethiopia Branch Office


Doron-Tikotzky‘s local Ethiopian business partner is Adv. Binyam Eregeta, who is one of Ethiopia’s 2000 attorneys, and an expert in supporting international entrepreneurs coming to Ethiopia. In the past, he worked for the Ethiopian Justice Ministry.

Adv. Binyam Eregeta - Partner for Ethiopia

Adv. Binyam Eregeta – Doron-Tikotzky’s Partner in Ethiopia


Adv. Eregeta also stars in a TV series that teaches local citizens about the trial process in Ethiopia.

Adv. Binyam Eregeta's business card

Adv. Binyam Eregeta’s business card


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