Competition and Antitrust

The history of Competition Law (also known as Antitrust Law) goes way back to the Roman Empire.

The business method of dealers, whether private or organized, were always under certain scrutiny and were , at times, subject to severe sanctions.

Since the 20th Century, Competition Law became global, and nations have enacted their own set of rules to control and regulate competition within their jurisdiction.

The purpose of such regulation has been to promote and preserve fair trading and competition with the territorial borders of each nation. Usually, such rules will not apply outside the jurisdiction of each state, unless in rare cases, where territorial commercial activity has an obvious and substantial effect outside the legal borders.

Nowadays, the US regulation system and the EU regulation system are the most influential and cast their shadow over smaller markets.

Competition Law is considered to include the following:

  • Prohibition on agreements and/or practices limiting the free trade and free completion
  • Prohibition on violating conduct by bodies that control the markets
  • Supervision on Mergers & Acquisition

Doron Tikotzky Kantor Gutman Cederboum offers legal advice and representation in this field by its team of specialist lawyers, and its supportive staff, mostly qualified personnel in the fields of Economics, Accountancy, and Business Administration.

The Firm has vast experience in representing large bodies and institutes, in a variety of matters and issues that are relevant and encompass Competition Law.

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